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School-wide posters and messages throughout the school will help bring awareness that bullying is not tolerated in our school.

Conduct a class discussion regarding school's policies on harassment and intimidation.

 Be vigilant of your students and their behaviors. Look for clues, both verbal and nonverbal. 

Post a code of conduct in your classroom.

·       We will not harass, tease, or embarrass others.

·       We will try to help anyone who is being harassed, teased, or embarrassed.

·       When we know someone is being bullied, we will tell a teacher or adult

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HOT SPOTS- areas where bullying are most likely to occur

  •       Transition Periods/hallways
  • ·       Before/After School
  • ·       Buses
  • ·      Cafeteria 
  • ·       Extended Day



·       Academic decline

·       Loss of possessions or money

·       Outbursts of temper

·       Symptoms of anxiety

·       Loss of appetite

·       Suicidal thoughts

·       Poor school attendance

·       Social withdrawal

·       Dropping out of school

·       Combativeness

·       Depression 

(From J. Brunner;D. Lewis.)



1. Help the victim first.

2. Make mental note of all involved from the bully to the bystanders.

3. Meet with the victim alone.

4. Meet with the perpetrator(s) individually to help them see the negative effects of their actions.

5. Meet with the bystanders to gather needed facts for the counselor and principal.

6. Provide consequences as swiftly as possible.



 “the use of electronic devices to send or post hurtful, embarrassing text or images intended to create anxiety, intimidation, or emotional distress in another person.”

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We will follow the CCSD Student Code of Conduct:

“The principal and/or designee is responsible for determining whether an alleged act constitutes a violation of this regulation. In doing so, the principal, guidance counselor, and/or designee shall conduct a prompt, thorough and complete investigation of the alleged incident (p.23).”

Click here to view CCSD Student Code of Conduct in its entirety. 


Class Discussions 

What Parents Can Do

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