Think Central
Reading Website: Think Central

     Please take advantage of our awesome Reading website. It goes right along with your child’s textbook and workbook. ***We still have access to Math materials from last year’s textbook on Think Central. You can use these resources as extra practice for your child.
     To access it, log on to:

     Once there, you will have to enter… 
State: South Carolina 
District: Charleston Co School District, Charleston 29401
School: Orange Grove Elem Charter Sch, Charleston 29407

     Check the box that says “remember my organization” so you only have to enter that information once. 
     Your child’s user name and password was given to them. In most cases, it is your child’s first name and last initial. (ex.: John Smith’s user name would be johns) The password is: student. 
     After you successfully log in, click on My Library. To reach the Reading materials, click Reading on the left side. The Reading textbook and workbook are both on there and can be printed from home. Pull up the page and click the printer button at the top. Make sure you specify what page you would like to print or it will automatically print the entire book!
     This eliminates the excuse “I forgot to bring home my workbook, so I couldn't do my homework.” It’s that easy.