Terrific Kids

Grant is a great student!  He is a hard worker in class. He completes his homework, and is always willing to help out.  What I love the most about Grant is that he has a fun sense of humor and a great smile.  I am lucky to have Grant in my class this year!

Malia  is a terrific kid with a beautiful smile! Since the first day of school, she has worked hard in every subject. She gives 100% in all she does.  Malia seems quiet, but that doesn't keep her from making friends.  Everyone likes Malia! I am so happy she is a part of 4D!

Isaac is probably the happiest student I have met.  He always has a smile on his face when he comes in the room.  Isaac is not only a good student, but he has a kind heart.  I have seen him on several occasions helping other students and doing what he can to make them feel better.  I am so glad he is in my class!