2019 SC Ready Pass Testing Information



     SC Ready
     Monday, May 13:

     3-5 SC READY ELA Reading

     Tuesday, May 14:

     3-5 SC READY ELA Writing
     Wednesday, May 15:

     3rd: MAP TESTING 
     4th: SC PASS Science
     5th: SC PASS Social Studies
     Thursday, May 16:
     3-5 SC READY Math
     Friday, May 17th: 

     Make Up Testing
      Monday, May 20th:
     6,7,8 SC READY ELA Session 1
     Tuesday, May 21st:
     6,7,8 SC READY ELA Session 2
     Wednesday, May 22nd:
     6,7,8 SC READY MATH
     Thursday, May 23rd:

     6,8 SC PASS Science
     7 SC PASS Social Studies

     Friday, May 24th:
     EOC Algebra I

    Tips for Setting Your Students up for Success:

    • Get a good night’s sleep.
    • Eat breakfast.
    • Be on time to school.
    • All electronic devices (cell phones, smart watches, etc…) must be powered off and in a book bag.  We highly recommend leaving smart watches at home.
    • Don’t STRESS!

    Link to Online Training Tools for Students 3-5: