From Mr. Clendaniel:

Early Dismissal

We believe that every child benefits by being at school the full day. However, we do understand that sometimes appointments have to be scheduled or emergencies may arise that require you to pick your child up early. If you need to pick your child up before the dismissal time, you must send a note to the teacher that he or she will give to the office. You may also call the office directly at 763-1520. The note needs to include the child’s name, homeroom, time for pick up, and reason for leaving early. 

When you arrive at the school, the office staff will have you sign your child out and will call the child from class. Please make sure that you have a photo ID with you and that you leave time for your child to get from the classroom to the office. We do not have children wait in the office for pickup.

If you do not send a note, and you arrive after 1:45, we cannot guarantee that your child will be dismissed before our scheduled 2:35 dismissal. Students are in RIT Band groups, clubs, chorus, and recess, and the office staff cannot interrupt these programs to locate your child.

Please make early dismissal the exception, not the rule. Thank you in advance for helping us educate your child. As you know, it is a team effort.