About Mrs. Morris

My Family
I have two fabulous children! Kaya is 10, and Django is 8. Kaya is moving all the time and loves gymnastics. She has developed two personal business models and is really good at turning the entire house into a store or a restaurant. I love when she serves me fancy breakfast and tries to charge me. Django loves Star Wars, Legos, and his iPod; he masters every game/app you can think of. Thankfully he is a great reader. We all unplug and read, play at the park, go to the beach, or just take a walk.

My Hobbies
I love working out and traveling. I teach spinning at two gyms in town, and I kickbox with a trainer twice a week. I also love camping with Kaya and Django. We stay busy on the weekends going out to eat, to festivals, movies, and the beach.  

Looking Back
I grew up in central Alabama (Birmingham). I love the mountains (yes, there are mountains in Alabama), but I MUST live near the ocean. I lived in San Diego before moving to Charleston in 2005. but the beaches there were cold and rough. Southern beaches are better! I love both places, but I prefer to raise a family in Charleston, because the community is so friendly and supportive.

A Few of My Favorite Things

Mrs. Gruver, my 3rd grade teacher, because she used pop songs to teach us, kind words to discipline us, and she looked me in the eyes when she listened to me.

cobalt blue and green

Fish tacos & Sushi

flip-flops & Saucony

Orlando, cruises, and coffee in the mountains during fall. 

Smurfs when I was little. My Little Pony today :)

Television Show
Jesse & Bunk'd

Free Time
I love music, reading books, and mowing the grass. I love to have coffee or dinner with friends. I love the movies on a rainy day. If I won the lottery I would move to the beach and read and be lazy :) 

Safe Youtube Videos can be found at CLEANVIDEOSEARCH.COM


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