Assigned Seats

Seat Binders
    -Writing Samples
    -Name Plates w/ User Names

15 Min Open Word: Type Writing Sample
     -Fix the Glitch   
     -Tab to begin
     -One Space AFTER Punctuation
     -Only use ENTER to start a new Paragraph

15 Min Typing Quest 
    -User Names are in Binders
     -Progress through sections

10 Min Free Time Earned through Good Behavior & Effort

Typing Quest

Week 10
Type to Learn

Week 9: Halloween Fun
Garfield Scavenger Hunt
Trick or Treat Route

Week 7 & 8
Student Weekly Registration & Voting



Week 6-9
TTL 4 

Week 5
Boosterthon & Free Time
Print 1 Thing

Week 3 & 4
Classes Postponed Due to MAP

Name Plates in Word
1. Fix the Glitch
2. Enter 20x
3. Center Button
4. First & Last Name
5. Enter, Class
6. Insert Online Picture
7. Format pic with "grey rainbow"
8. Place pic below or behind name
9. Print, Fold, Turn in

Week 2

1. What is the Internet?

2.  Safety Land

The game is courtesy AT&T. It’s all about battling a villain who is spamming people with messages. The goal is to rid the town of this evil character and make it safe again. As Captain Broadband, you can seek out the villain from a few locations around town, answer a few quiz questions, garner points, and banish the bad guy forever. If you succeed, you become a certifiable hero. Press play.

Week 1

Rules Reminder