It might be a trick!
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It might be a trick.  Don't be too quick to click!!!  

It’s wonderful to see how technology continues to evolve in our school.   More and  more of us are using our laptops at home. There are so many things on the Internet that allow us to enhance our teaching curriculum. As great as it can be, we need to be aware of the many websites on the Internet which host viruses, spyware, and adware but disguise themselves as good and genuine sites in order to trap us into visiting and downloading software.  Many of the laptops that have come to me lately have been victims of these traps. Intentionally or unintentionally bringing an infected laptop into our network could spread the infection, cause data corruption, data loss or could comprise the integrity of our data.  Additionally, the time and resources spent mitigating threats can be costly.  It’s up to us to minimize the risks we face and their severity by becoming more aware and knowledgeable in the clicks we make.  Below are a few things we should all know.

You could be infecting multiple computers.

Everyone has a profile.  This profile follows you as you log in with your username from computer to computer if you log into multiple computers.  This means you could be infecting multiple computers.  Profiles are made up of a bunch of files that contain information about your logons desktop icons, printer preferences, color and font schemes, internet browser settings, Outlook e-mail settings, data files in My Documents and more and are stored to the sever and make it easy to go from computer to computer with your same settings and preferences. 

Our school has a firewall and filtering system, does your home network?

One major difference in your home network and our school network is that we have a firewall and filtering system which assist in preventing us from going to malware sites.  If you do not have a firewall or filtering system at home your laptop could be more susceptible to getting to a malware site.

You have no restrictions from installing programs on your laptop.  This is not always a good thing.

There are no restrictions from installing programs on your laptop.  However, the more that gets loaded, the more resources your system will require and it will slow it down.  Because there are no restrictions all installs are allowed regardless of possible risks involved.  If you are unfamiliar with the company and the program you are installing do not install.  Ask me and I will find more information.

Try this "Beware of Spyware" and see how you do in recognizing the clues.