ART: Ms. June Allen

Welcome to the Art room! 

We are participating in an art fundraiser, Square 1 Art, again this year.  The proceeds help to fund some of the arts performances during Arts Week as well as other art supplies needed throughout the year. You will be able to purchase items with your child's artwork printed on them. By now, you should have received a personalize order form with your child's ordering code and a set of stickers, which are free. You will be able to order directly online through the company's website just in time for Christmas!  THE DEADLINE for ordering online is 11/22/2017 so that you can receive the items before Christmas!  The items will be sent to school which I will pass out to your child before the Christmas break, so be on the lookout for those items around Dec. 9th.
Keep those orders coming!! 

We can always use the following in the art room:
rolls of tin foil, buttons, beads, computer papers, plastic yogurt cups, and sponges. 

Stay tuned for upcoming creative works of art.