Helpful Websites

Multiplication and Division Fact Practice - Choose the following:  Difficulty = up to 10, multiplication and division operations, 6 minutes. 

ConnectEd - My Math textbook website - Access to great resources, like games and extra help, as well as the textbook.  Use the log-in information in the front of your child's Math book.

iXL Math Practice - Great resource for practicing Math skills!  Your child has his/her username and password.

StudyJams - The kids LOVE this site!  Fun, interactive step-by-step instructions for solving problems.

Math is Fun - Tons of Math fun!

MAP Math Practice - Students can practice for the Math MAP test based on their skill levels.

Here is a list of websites with Math Games -Learning can be fun too!! 

Fun Brain

Cool Math for Kids

Mr. Nussbaum!

Sheppard Software

Interactive Maths Zone - Fun way to review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts


Pearon Realize - Interactive copy of our textbook.

Discovery Education - Science Techbook - We will use this digital textbook a lot in class.  The kids have their usernames and passwords.

StudyJams - The kids LOVE this site!  Fun videos that include a quiz.  Some include kaorake so you can jam out to Science and Math!

Interactive Sites for Education - Lots of science topics, with lots of fun interactive activities for each topic.

Learning Electric Circuits - Tutorial

Bitesize Science - Living Things, Materials, Physical Processes

Weather Wiz Kids - Resources and Links

Science Zone - Interactive Games

NeoK12 - Educational Science Videos, Lessons, and Games

Sheppard Software

Kids Astronomy


Journeys Reading textbook websiteAccess to the textbook, workbook, and leveled practice worksheets.  Use the log-in steps under the Information For You section of this web site.

MAP Reading Practice - Students can practice for the Reading MAP test based on their skill levels.

The following sites are helpful for looking up the reading level of books.

Accelerated Reader
AR Book Finder

Lexile Reading levels:
Scholastic Book Wizard
Scholastic Classroom Books

Other Cool Sites

Kiddle - Kid friendly search engine by Google!  Highly recommended.

Accelerated Reader - Access AR from home to check out your child's points and accuracy. You can see all of the tests taken and the scores.

Kid Friendly Search Engines

Learning Games for Kids

4th Grade Worksheets - Free worksheets for extra practice

I Know That! - Activities for all grade levels in every subject area

Fuel The Brain - Fun, interactive games and printables.

Khan Academy

4th Grade Resources - Games and Activities in all subject areas

Castle Crossing