Terrific Kids


4E's Terrific Kid for April/May is ... Jordan! Jordan shines every day with his hard work and with his interaction with his friends. He is a well-rounded and versatile student. All year, Jordan has displayed all of the characteristics of a terrific kid and I am so proud of him! Congratulations, Jordan! There's a lucky 5th grade teacher waiting for you!

Sophia Mi
4E's Terrific Kid for March is ... Sophia! Sophia deserves this recognition.  She has earned over 418 AR points for this year, she is a hard-working student who makes the Principal's List, and she is caring and considerate of everyone. I am proud of Sophia and her daily choices! Keep it up! There's a lucky 5th grade teacher waiting for you next year!

4E's Terrific Kid for February is ... Lukas! Lukas is always a friend to everyone. He's my right hand and has a positive attitude. He tries his best and pays attention in class. I appreciate all of Lukas' efforts and I am proud of him!

4E's Terrific Kid for January is ... Clark! Clark entertains us with his wit and humor on a daily basis and catches on to my jokes. I love that Clark knows when to be funny, but he also knows when it's time to work. He's a smart cookie who makes excellent grades and earns his AR points. I'm super proud of Clark and his daily choices! Congratulations!

4E's Terrific Kid for November/December is ... Kirsten! Kirsten is a model student and exemplifies all of our character cub traits daily. I am blessed to have her in our class.  She makes my day easier and I can always count on her. Kirsten is truly a "Terrific Kid"!  Congratulations and I'm proud of her!

4E's Terrific Kid for October is ... Parker! I am so proud of Parker and his efforts this school year. He puts in 100% on everything he does and it shows.  Parker is doing so well, and he's truly "shooting for the stars"!   Congratulations!


4E’s Terrific Kid for September is … Fern! Fern has impressed me with her wonderful manners, excellent listening skills, and proven she’s a hard worker. She always has a positive attitude and she’s willing to help when asked.  I am proud of Fern and know she’s going to do well in 4th grade! Congratulations!