Terrific Kids

4E's Terrific Kid for January is ... Clark! Clark entertains us with his wit and humor on a daily basis and catches on to my jokes. I love that Clark knows when to be funny, but he also knows when it's time to work. He's a smart cookie who makes excellent grades and earns his AR points. I'm super proud of Clark and his daily choices! Congratulations!

4E's Terrific Kid for November/December is ... Kirsten! Kirsten is a model student and exemplifies all of our character cub traits daily. I am blessed to have her in our class.  She makes my day easier and I can always count on her. Kirsten is truly a "Terrific Kid"!  Congratulations and I'm proud of her!

4E's Terrific Kid for October is ... Parker! I am so proud of Parker and his efforts this school year. He puts in 100% on everything he does and it shows.  Parker is doing so well, and he's truly "shooting for the stars"!   Congratulations!


4E’s Terrific Kid for September is … Fern! Fern has impressed me with her wonderful manners, excellent listening skills, and proven she’s a hard worker. She always has a positive attitude and she’s willing to help when asked.  I am proud of Fern and know she’s going to do well in 4th grade! Congratulations!