Student of the Week

4E's Student of the Week for December 4 is ... Jewels! Jewels has worked on self-control. She completes her classwork carefully and follows the motto "work hard, play hard". Jewels still is a bundle of energy, even at the end of the day, and I love that about her. I enjoy having her in our class.  Keep up the good work!

4E's Student of the Week for November 10 is ... Jocelyn! Jocelyn is a great citizen in our classroom and willing to help. She is polite to everyone and she is always in a good mood. Jocelyn works hard and pays attention in class. I'm proud of Jocelyn!

4E's Student of the Week for October 27 is ... Peyton! She participates in every lesson and always contributes to our class.  I am proud of Peyton and how well she is doing in 4th grade! Keep up the great work!

4E's Student of the Week for October 9 is ... Hazel! Hazel always follows our three class rules. She's respectful, she's responsible, and she's prepared. I appreciate all of Hazel's good deeds and cheery attitude. Congratulations! I am proud of Hazel!

4E's Student of the Week for September 22 is ... Malachi! I am impressed with Malachi's dedication to his work and his impeccable manners. I can count on Malachi to follow directions and pay attention. He's doing very well! Congratulations, and I'm proud of him!


Congratulations to Liam - 4E's Student of the Week for September 1! Liam has started 4th grade perfectly! He follows all rules, and he has really enjoyed the books that he is reading. Keep up the great work, Liam! I am proud of him!