Terrific Kids

Kendall Nicholson is truly a terrific kid!  She has started off the year with a great attitude and work ethic.  She works hard, participates in class, and always completes her homework.  The best thing about Kendall is her kind and helpful heart.  I love having Kendall in my class!

 Kevin is a great kid!  Seeing his smile every morning brightens my day!  He works hard and tries his best to understand what we are learning. I love that Kevin is flexible and gets along well with everyone. I am blessed to have Kevin in my class this year!


Caroline  is the kind of student all teachers want in their classroom.  She is a hard worker.  She tries her best on all that she does.  Caroline has really been working hard at figuring out this new writing we are doing.  She completes her homework, and participates in class.  Aside from all of this, Caroline is also our class Student Council representative.  I love Caroline for her sweet smile, helpful heart, and great attitude!

  Happy is the personification of a terrific kid.  His name suits him well.  Happy always seems to be in a good mood.  He gets along well with others, is polite, and is always willing to help out.  Happy works hard and never gives up on all of his assignments.  Happy is the type of student that teachers love to have in their classes, and I am thankful he is in mine!

 Olivia is such a terrific kid!  She is a super student who always works hard in class.  She takes her time and focuses on producing quality work. Besides being a horse-lover, Olivia is also kind, generous, compassionate, and loyal.  I enjoy her sweet heart and am so glad she is in my class.


 Noah is a super student.  He consistently completes his homework and is always prepared and ready for tests.  Besides being  a Pokemon fan, Noah is an avid reader.  He takes an AR test almost daily!  Noah is a kind and thoughtful student, and I am glad he is in my class this year!


 Mercedes has been a terrific kid all year!  I have never seen a student work so hard!  Mercedes is a perfect example of perseverance.  She has never complained about any assignment she was given.  She asked questions to make sure she understands.  More than that, Mercedes has whatever it is to be loved by all! I’m glad Mercedes is in my class this year!