Terrific Kids


Sean is a great student!  He works hard, participates in class, and is a great helper.  The thing I appreciate most about Sean is his attitude.  He comes to school with a smile on his face and leaves each class with a smile as well! He is one of the reasons I enjoy coming to work every day!

Danielle has been a terrific kid since the first day! She completes her work, participates in class, and is helpful to others.  My favorite thing about Danielle is that she asks me several times a day, "Is there anything I can do for you?"  What a great attitude!! I am lucky to have her in my class.

Gregory is truly a terrific kid! He works hard, completes his homework, and participates in class. My favorite thing about Gregory is his sense of humor. He will often say something completely unexpected that makes me laugh. I love having Gregory in my class!

Zaniah is sweet girl with a beautiful smile.  She is a hard worker and always tries her best on her work. What I love most about Zaniah is that she is a NO DRAMA girl who gets along well with everyone.  She is a joy to have in my class.

Tyler is a great kid!  He gives 100 percent effort in all of his work. He follows directions without complaining and is eager to help whenever he can.  I especially appreciate his even temperament and the smile on his face when he comes in the room.