Terrific Kid

September- Jordan Washington

Jordan is always making good choices in class.  He is an excellent listener, and has adapted well to fourth grade.  He has the kindest heart and is willing to help out his classmates and teachers.  When you walk into our classroom, you will notice Jordan working very hard! 
October- Kate Selvitelli

I am convinced that Kate is the sweetest child alive! She excels in her school work every day and has such a desire to challenge herself.  She's always helpful to her classmates and is a positive role model for everyone in fourth grade. I am so lucky to have this super star in my class this year!

November/December-Reed Clendaniel 
Reed is a fantastic student!  He brightens our room with his smile and enthusiasm for learning.  He is a math pro! What I love the most about Reed is that he is always up for a challenge.  You'll find all of the characteristics of a great friend in Reed.  We all adore him!

January-Muzzie Selvidge 
Muzzie is an all around perfect student.  She works so hard to please everyone.  She is amazing friend, and she's the first to volunteer to help someone else out.  She is going to be a teacher one day.  Her organizational skills are impeccable. This sweet child jumps on any challenge that I give her. I have a feeling that I just might keep her in fourth grade forever-- as my personal assistant! 

February- Joey Lighthart

Joey is an all around outstanding young man. He must sleep with a smile on his face because he is happy every day! He works so hard in school to put his best effort into everything he does. What I love the most about Joey is that he is willing to try a new challenge, especially in math. I look forward to finishing the second half of fourth grade with this kind and caring young man.

March- Niajae

Niajae is the happiest child I have ever taught!  She has such a positive attitude that is contagious.  She is the best listener in class and loves to make her teachers happy.  She is always willing to help others, and is a great friend to everyone in 4th grade.  We all love her!

Keevin is such a sweet, kind hearted, and hard working young man.  He truly puts 100% of his effort into all of his work.  He is always ready to learn something new.  Keevin works hard on the basketball court, and in school.  I love that he always does what he's asked to do.

May-Anne Marie
anne marie
Anne Marie is such a joy to have in class every single day.  She works very hard to make the awesome grades that she makes!  She has quite a sense of humor and everyone adores her. If you know Anne Marie, you know she is a true gem!