Terrific Kid

September- Jordan Washington

Jordan is always making good choices in class.  He is an excellent listener, and has adapted well to fourth grade.  He has the kindest heart and is willing to help out his classmates and teachers.  When you walk into our classroom, you will notice Jordan working very hard! 
October- Kate Selvitelli

I am convinced that Kate is the sweetest child alive! She excels in her school work every day and has such a desire to challenge herself.  She's always helpful to her classmates and is a positive role model for everyone in fourth grade. I am so lucky to have this super star in my class this year!

Reed is a fantastic student!  He brightens our room with his smile and enthusiasm for learning.  He is a math pro! What I love the most about Reed is that he is always up for a challenge.  You'll find all of the characteristics of a great friend in Reed.  We all adore him!