Terrific Kid

September- Jonathan Martin-Hoffman

Jonathan has been working SO VERY hard to make this his best year yet!  He comes in every morning ready to learn something new and he’s worked extremely hard on organization.  He has the biggest heart and loves to share his kindness with others. Keep up the great work, Jonathan, and know that 4-B has your back! 

October- Emma McFall

Emma is an all-around ROCK STAR of a student.  She is always prepared for class, participates in lessons, and puts her best effort into everything that she does.  She has the biggest heart and loves to help out her classmates.  She should win an award for being the most patient and kind student!  We all love having Emma as a student in 4B.

November/December- Thomas Billings

Thomas is such a sweet and kind young man who always uses his best manners.  He listens intently to everything that is being taught and puts 100% of his best effort into all of his work.  He’s a great friend to everyone and is the first one to invite others to play with him at recess.  He’s a well-rounded kid and is a teacher's dream!

January-Sara Payne
Sara is such a kind and sweet young lady.  She is a model student who puts her best effort into all of her assignments and it a great friend to everyone!  She is a joy to have in my class!

February-Lawton Nickerson
Lawton is a natural learner.  He loves learning something new and enjoys sharing his smarts with his classmates.  We can always count on him to be kind and follow all of the rules.  He loves a good laugh and is good at cheering up others.  He’s going to be famous one day for his smarts!

March- Laurel Williamson

Laurel walks into our class each morning with a smile on her face.  She always finishes her assignments with 100% accuracy and is up for a challenge.  She keeps her focus in class and on the basketball court! I love the way that she is always thinking outside of the box.  The fifth grade team is going to love this sweet child!

April/May- Claire Porter

Claire has the biggest heart!  She is always eager to learn and comes to class with the biggest smile each day.  She works very hard at everything she does and it shows in her awesome grades.  What I love the most about Claire is that she LOVES everyone and everything and her attitude is contagious.  I think I may keep her in 4th grade forever. J