Suggested Apps

Early Learning Academy

I will set up an account for each student with ABC Mouse.  In order to access this site from a smart device you will need to download Early Learning Academy and follow the instructions on the login sheet that you will receive in your child’s folder.


You can purchase eBooks through Scholastic!  When you set up your account you will get five books for free.  Occasionally, I get emails with links to download free books.  I will share these with you so get your account set up!  We’ll also use this in class a lot once we get more iPads in our room.  We can log in to the same book on up to 40 devices so we can all read together.

Endless Reader

Practice sight words and read simple sentences in a fun, engaging way.  This is a goofy game that is always a favorite.

First Grade Learning Games

Work on spelling, reading, math, fractions, compound words, contractions and more!

Lucky Word Search

Does your kiddo love word searches?  Here you go!

First Grade Reading Comprehension

Read short reading passages followed by short multiple choice questions. 

Turbo Math

Practice math skills in a fun way.  Firm up various skills and expand by working on levels in kindergarten, first and second grade on this app.

Sentence Builder

Work on the sentence structure

Gopher Sight Words

Practice sight word recognition.

Amazing Coin (USD)

Count money and strengthen coin recognition.