Students wrote three introdcutions to replace "Once upon a time" from the story "The Three Little Pigs." Students voted for the ones they liked the best.  Finalists and winners are posted below.
They started with:
- A question
- Sound words (onomatopoea)
- An action

4D Biggs

1.  Alice- WINNER

Huff, puff, puff. .BOOM goes the house.  Aaaaaaaaaaaah  go the pigs!


2.  Landon- WINNER

With raging claws, snapping jaws, and bright red eyes, the terrible beast lunged at the helpless animal in a horrifying blur of snapping teeth, dagger-like claws, and jet black spiky fur and tore at his flesh until there were only bones.


3.  Daniela

Grunt, grunt, sigh, sigh.  He is sweating as he builds his house in the sun.


4.  Ella

What happened to their brother?  They searched and searched for him wondering where he was since they couldn’t find his house.


5.  Kayden W.

Do you know what it feels like to be bullied by someone?


4B Bethea

  1.  Rowan

    Blow, blow, blow!  He tries to blow the brick house down, but he just can’t.


  2.  Emily B.

    Clink, clang, clang!  Momma puts up her pots and pans until she notices her stinky fellas are gone!


  3.  Arlen

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!  They screamed for their lives as they ran from the wolf!


  4.  Patrick- WINNER

    Run for your lives!  There’s a wolf blowing down houses trying to murder us!


  5.  Jack S.

        Pant, pant, whistle.  He had run as fast as he could to hi          brother’s house!


Students did the same assignment.  This time with a pirate story, they wrote 3 introductions. The finalists and winners are posted below.

4B Bethea


  1. Dominick-  “Aaaaargh!” says the parrot while sitting on his shoulder.  “Are you looking for treasure or looking for a fight?”


  2.  Jack L. -   Aaarrrrgh!  I am stranded in the middle of the Indian Ocean surrounded by huge great white sharks.



  3. Jayvion -   BANG! POW!  The sound of cannons firing in the deep blue sea could be heard over and over.



  4. Kayden V.  WINNER -   Cannons shooting, Swords clashing, and the sounds of wood breaking!  There is blood everywhere!



  5. Atticus  -   Clank, scrape, scrape went the anchor as they hit land. The exhausted crew jumped for joy!



  6. Olivia -   BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! The cannons continued to blast as the captain followed the map to find the treasure.

4D Biggs


  1. Ella -      “Dig, men, dig!” yelled the captain.  THUNK!  “Hurry!” he screamed.  The pirates ran back to their ship and have never been seen since, but it is said that their treasure still remains hidden.


  2. Cameron  -     BOOM, BOOM!  Cannonballs fly everywhere exploding.  BANG, CRASH!  Ships are sinking.



  3. Nadia  WINNER-    How in the world will we get off this island?  What is that?  Don’t move! Aaaaaaaaaaah!  It’s a huge fire-breathing dragon!



  4. Emily C. -    Splash, splash goes the water against the side of the ship.  All else is silent.  The captain looks through the telescope to see if land is nearby.



  5. Emilie D. -    BOOM! Goes the cannon.  “Get the barrels!  Cover up the leaks!  NOW! Aargh!”



  6. Landon -    The fearless pirate slashed with his cutlass, stabbing his way through.